February 29, 2016

february: a summary

These two photos were taken on the same afternoon, during the same car ride, and in the same street, just different moments and instances. I like how the skies are "colored" differently though.
I can't believe I made it through February alive! School work just started coming my way and I am quite pleased with myself for being able to cope up with the heavy work, despite the fact that I am now sick with colds, thanks to the cold weather, probably.

I don't have a lot of photos to show for this month because of the lack of "bloggable" adventures and pictures I've had this past month. I swear I've done a couple of things this month, it's just that not most of them are things I feel like posting about. Most of them, of course, happened in university. I think those stories are for my text-heavy tumblr, and my twitter to tell. (plug plug)

Saddening as it sounds, I haven't finished Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (see: Currently Reading) this month. Yikes! However, despite that, I'm proud of myself for being able to read more short stories (Murakami has been a favorite of my professor so far) thanks to my required readings. Also, even if I haven't been updating my fiction blog and this blog a lot, I've been writing a lot for classes and working on different ideas and projects. I'm pleased with myself for being able to like what I'm writing more now. Last semester wasn't really a "my" semester but I feel like doing better this time. Better than myself that is.

March is a month I've been looking forward to ever since the start of the year so I'm just plain excited for the things to come.

-Mic :)