I have a difficult name which is Micaela Joelle so I'd be pretty happy if you just call me Mic. I've been writing fiction since I was 7 or 10 but now, I'm 18 and in college as a Philippine Studies major. I was born and I'm being raised in Manila, with dreams of exploring places, teaching language and literature and writing some more. I've had numerous blogs already and I'm looking forward to finally keeping this one.

The Still Traveler

Reading books and watching movies is something that makes exploring places and moments easy-- even if you're just at one place. It makes travelling possible even if you're still. I love doing just that. It's why I named this blog The Still Traveler.

I post my opinions and thoughts about books and movies in this blog. But it isn't limited to that. Sometimes, there may be an anime series, or a youtube webseries commentary that will come your way.

Also, since I like writing about things in general, I'd maybe post about actual trips, food, music, and more. Really, I'll just be writing about what I want to talk, or precisely, write about. And I'm looking forward to sharing it here in this space.

I introduced the blog here.

-Mic :)