May 29, 2015


Taken by a friend

I'm officially done with my first year of college but I still have to undergo the midyear term because I want to take up some of my classes in advance.

I get a tad bit too sad when I remember that I only have two weeks left for my not-so-summer vacation just because I have to take up some units. That means I will hardly have any "good" rest from all the stress I've gone through the past semester.

But that's fine because I got to finish the last semester of my first year in college. That's more than enough. Now that I look back on how many times I almost gave up on finishing my requirements and studying for my exams, I'm pretty proud of myself how I went all throughout those hardship. 

So far, I've been productive enough to have shot my friend for her pre-debut photo shoot. A bunch of my friends are celebrating their birthdays next month till July so I'm pretty excited.

I'm happy, so there's a happy update with a seemingly unhappy photo of me (but I was caught candid in this one so I had no time to flash a smile.)