May 4, 2015

By small streets and high walls

Under the glaring heat and light of the intense summer sun, our Philosophy class went on a trip to places of worship of different religions. Apparently, these temples, (we also went to a Mosque but I wasn't able to take a photo of it) could be found in very hidden areas in Manila while a Jewish Synagogue can actually be found in Makati.

I'm not really a fan of getting to know about other religions, despite the fact that we visited these places to get to know about their beliefs, but I'm very much interested in the appearance of these places. I'm more interested in how colorful and odd these things seem to me.

My photos, brought to you by VSCO cam's fancy filters and color-editing features. I'm too lazy to move and edit lol

Chinese Buddhist Temple in Divisoria, Manila

Sikh Temple in UN Avenue, Manila

Jewish Synagogue Bel-Air, Makati

After post sentiments:

May the Fourth be with you! (virtual high five if you got the reference) I'm already nearing the end of the last semester of my first year. It's not going well for me, to be honest. I've been in the verge of crying because of the very many things to do on my list. I'm the person who hates deadlines, especially since I know how inspiration takes quite a lot of time to pile up.

But I'm hoping, hoping, hoping for things to go well for me this next week.

June's almost there = Summer break's almost there = more books! :)