April 5, 2015

Ella, the girl from the Cinders

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I was supposed to review House of Hades for this weekend, but since I haven’t finished the book yet, I’m reviewing something else. This time, I’ll be talking about a film!

I watched two films this week-long break so I’m sharing you my thoughts on the recent 2015 version of Cinderella.

Here's the trailer that caught my heart:

(Spoiler-iffic under this cut! Watch it before you read!)

This new version was given to us by the same company who gave us the timeless animated classic film of the same name. However, this time, besides the fact that the fairytale is now told in live-action, the story is tweaked in some of its parts.

Oh you know, just accidentally meeting the Prince while riding the horse. Lily James is the epitome of beauty.  #badassprincess 
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Can we emphasize that finally, Ella’s name is given justice! Cinderella was always just a nickname for her and I knew it because of the lexicon of the name alone. I’m so happy that the “history” of the nickname was finally emphasized in this film.

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I also liked the fact that Ella’s parents had a  part here. The film was given some more emotion because of this. And also, aren’t her parents lovely. Especially her mother. The little girl who played little Ella and Ella’s mother look so identical!

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They also added a part where they meet before the actual ball. Their meeting in the woods gave a reasonable reason for Cinderella to go to the ball. There, they got their crushes. I guess it’s just normal for two people who fell in love at first sight to be trying to find their ways back to each other right?

Now onto the stunning Prince Kit who was played by Richard Madden!

Feels galore <3 (source: here)

Can I just say how I like the fact that Prince Kit was given some “substance” in this version. HE WAS ALSO GIVEN A NAME DAMN I’M SO HAPPY YOU PEOPLE! (I hated calling him Prince Charming alright). I loved that we are given a few scenes to see his perspective!

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The emotional scene between the King and Prince Kit was also nice. (I'm not referring to this one in the picture, I'm referring to the bedroom scene) It was refreshing to see a human side to a Prince. This way, his personality is given more justice. I’m glad that in here, he wasn't just present to make the story turn. He’s actually a character in this version. 

I almost screamed at the part where the prince revealed that he was in the Search team for the Girl whose foot fits the glass slipper. He’s out for there for the mean bees! I’m so proud of you Princey <3

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I was excited to see this film mainly because of its production design. It was everything I fancied: Lacey and pastel colored gowns and dresses, the colorful ambiance of everything. Nonetheless, the fairytale-feeling while watching the film was achieved. It felt like hopping into the world itself. I was also excited about the part where they kept the birds blue! 

Disney, once and for all did a great job, again!

And to leave you all lovely people with a note:

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Happy Easter Sunday, everyone!