August 24, 2014


| P R E S S  S T A R T |

I've been away from this blog for a while and trust me, I've attempted to write something school related the past few weeks but my ideas have become quite rusty, hence affecting my writing. But anyways, I'm back and I have some few stuff to talk about first two weeks in college!

From my conservative and strict observance of long grey skirt uniforms and ankle-length white socks, now I get to wear whatever the hell I want. I've been in school in shorts and skirt, far from the jeans and shirt ensemble I sport whenever school uniform is not required to be worn in an event in high school. I still like the reliable shirt and jeans ensemble but I like to dress up at times; that means planning outfits. Planning outfits is stressful since I like to wear my clothes in a rotational manner, meaning not having to repeat the same item in two weeks.

Another new thing is the literal long walk to one of the many food places in the University. My newfound friends and I walk from the College complex to a pretty little food street in the UP Area 2 where the food is sumptuous and affordable at the same time. This time, at least, there are more food choices than the ones we had in my previous school.

The university I am studying in is also REALLY big. We don't move from one classroom to another but we move from one building to another. I even ride the jeepney to get to my next class. It's one of the biggest changes in my life so far considering how incredibly small my previous campus was. It's a good but a bad thing that the campus is so big. It promotes exercise and walking, walking and more walking-- which makes it so tiring by the end of the day.

It has only been two weeks and I'm sure there'll be more stress waiting for me in the following weeks, months, etc. etc. There's definitely more to discover from the university and I am looking forward to it.

PS. I'm really sorry if I can hardly keep up with this blog. But I'll do my best to write here :) A book review post is coming up any time soon!