July 24, 2014

Nothing Much To Do

I am not really a big fan of Shakespeare as trying to understand Shakespeare's fancy wording and sentence structure has been a frustrating struggle for me. One time, I had to read one Shakespearean play called The Merchant of Venice for an English reading assignment. I have to admit I had to read a version which was simplified into modern english to make it easier for me to understand and make my opinions about it.

I understand Shakespeare's great contributions to literature, but sometimes, just like in Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth (I have encountered Romeo and Juliet in many ways while for Macbeth, I had to study Macbeth for a school play), I didn't understand why things need to go down so frustratingly and unjustifiably tragic? After reading through The Merchant of Venice and studying Macbeth to be able to make contributions for our class play, I swore to never read Shakespeare unless it would have to save my head.

The whole flow of the story, including Benedick's vlogs + Ursula's Projects

When I found Nothing Much To Do, I had no idea about Much Ado About Nothing. I seriously thought that they were high school students vlogging since they had 'nothing much to do'. It was only when I read the channel's description when I learned that these ladies and gents are actually part of a production that is the modernization of a Shakespearean comedy.

I had to read through wikipedia and sparknotes to be able to know what was going on. Just like what I said, I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare since my recent encounters with Shakespeare weren't as encouraging as my Austen encounters. I bought (and I AM LOVING) the high school setting of the said production. Also, I learned that the main characters of this show have a pure hate relationship but would soon fall in love. 

There's a Pride and Prejudice pinch to this. You may have guessed what I did next.

 I decided to download the free ebook of the play in ibooks.

I am quite pleased to say that even if Shakespeare's wording was still the usual fancy structure, I was already appreciating and loving the way Beatrice and Benedick were speaking to each other with hate, just like what NMTD has been displaying. I've been feeling the intense hate between these two in the series, and I love it that the play (the part I am currently at, atleast) has been full of that exactly. 

So thanks NMTD for bringing Shakespeare love in my life! It's really great to see people just as young as I am doing great in this field that they love. I adore the Candle Wasters for this amazing project/production!