July 10, 2014

Songs Collection

"As the night got deeper, I discovered more facts about you. You know these facts, I just don’t know if you still remember which ones you told me. But I still remember those facts, Westley. You proved a lot of these untrue because you were so humble about yourself. You proved that a lot of those facts about yourself was your humble, very humble, opinion about how you really are. Just like what you said, it’s what you sense, and that’s what your brain tells you, and that is what you think is the truth."
-M.J., A Permanent Hug From You

I write-- a lot. I write essays, my thoughts, etc. But something about fiction just makes me happy. I think what justifies my intense love for fiction is because in fiction, I get to be someone I'm not, and I get to have the permission of entering someone's feelings and thoughts-- even if they are an entirely different person. Most of the fiction I've written are inspired by stories, or songs I've been into recently.

Since the habit of writing songs/musically inspired fiction has been getting me recently, I decided that I will make a whole collection of fiction, whether in short story or novella format. It's called the Songs Collection and I will update it whenever a new song has driven me to write new prose. 

The first entry to the collection is called A Permanent Hug From You which was inspired by a song of the same title, written and sung by Doddleoddle of youtube. She's one of my favorite youtubers. (She has read the entry already which makes me superduperuber happy)

Check out the first installment of the Songs Collection by clicking here