April 17, 2016

Out and About: Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas

Eliza, being curious.
The entire week before this weekend came was crazy. Reports, readings, and papers flooded my to-do-lists. My planner was full of deadlines and meetings and reminders I found myself asking for this weekend to come.

But now, I'm back in shape thanks to this short get away my friends and I had this weekend in Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club. Truly, escaping the stressful life for a while can do so much to help regain positive outlook and physical well being.

The gang; Back seat L-R: Gel, Marts, Tigs. Front L-R: Nic, Me, Eliza
We left Quezon City at around 7:30 am Saturday morning and arrived at around 11 am. Manila traffic was more terrible than the traffic in Cavite and Batangas. The road was hard to keep up to too. It was as if I was riding a roller coaster. But it was really a roller coaster with a spectacular view. From the road going to the mountains, you could see the sea. 

Now here's what I loved the most about the place, and our stay in Pico de Loro:

The calvary going to the resort in the car was all worth it upon seeing what was waiting for us. We were greeted by a fine landscape and a serene view of a man made lake. 

This is the view from our 2-bedroom unit in Jacana.
What I loved about the stay here was that we were in a condo unit instead of a hotel. Yes, there's a hotel (The Pico Sands Hotel) but guests can consider renting condominium units. I actually prefer this kind of accomodation because hotels tend to be a strict. Renting a unit was flexible-- we were able to cook our own food, mix our own cocktails (thanks to our bud taking up HRM) and fix the room according to how we would want to move around the unit. There's no wifi, of course, in this kind of accomodation-- but seriously, why would you need wifi if you're on a vacation?

Below, of course, the activities you can do that could keep you away from your gadgets. 

 In all fairness, I loved the aesthetic of the pool as it was quite unique. I also like the idea that it was big. Beach resorts tend to have small pools but Pico de Loro's pool didn't seem crowded thanks to its huge size. Pools were also divided depending on the height of the pool. 

We were supposed to go on a night swimming after dinner but decided to spend the rest of the night in the karaoke room in the country club. Two hours of singing the whole night wasn't so bad-- and their song choices were enough to let us relieve the nostalgia. We screamed to 2000s pop songs the whole night

The beach was fantastic. The sand and the shore were smooth on the feet. I just love it when the beach is that way, especially since it was easier to navigate through the sea.

Also, we got the chance to ride on a banana boat! We were given the chance to throw ourselves in 25 feet of sea water (I'm almost 5 feet, so it's technically five mes, on top of each other) during the ride and I loved every second of the few minutes we were in that dangerous but adventurous height of water.

We ended the night with some shots of this rainbow drink composed of pineapple juice, red syrup, and colored vodka-- which tasted sweet actually. I didn't get to taste the vodka lol. 

Over all, I guess the stay was hustle free, except for the one in the registration area where they forgot to print the forms we submitted a month before the trip so we had to wait for a while and sign those forms again. But other than that, I enjoyed the stay and the kind of accommodation we had. If you're looking for a place to escape to that's nearby Manila, it's definitely a good option. 

Happy Summer!