July 8, 2015

Freshly brewed Kalamatea: All's Fair Play

All's Fair Play Trailer + Episodes thus far
I didn't really expect myself to come back running to another Kalamatea production after the heartbreaking and meh ending they provided the viewers with their Jane Eyre webseries adaptation but I guess I have to chew and swallow my feelings towards their last production because they are back with spunk in their new original webseries, All's Fair Play. 
All's Fair Play is about the happenings in the Bachelor and Bachelorette of Becca and Liam, two soon to be wed lovebirds. So far, the series has been focusing on the guests of the party and their reactions towards the upcoming wedding. 
What got me looking forward to this series is its interesting plotline, and its bold and unconventional format. It combines the vlog format and regular filming, which I think is a first for me. I have been watching mainly vlog-format series on youtube and it feels great to be able to see people discovering and innovating ways to create original content. 
Have I mentioned this webseries is incorporated with Shakespearean elements? Shakespeare has always been hard to adapt to modern setting and I'm looking forward to the application of such on this series.
Also, the actors from The Autobiography of Jane Eyre are back in this new piece! I may have not been a huge fan of the series' story, I actually loved the actors-- they were all talented. There are definitely new people in this ensemble, but I'm looking forward to seeing the old faces in different personas this time. I'm looking forward to so many of my favorite people from Jane Eyre-- Alysson Hall, who from being the sweet Jane is now a fierce character named Shea. Lucas Hall is also  back as Matt, the cast's all around great guy. 
I'm looking forward to seeing this webseries progress. Check out its trailer ^ and binge watch on its episodes so far! You surely would want the next episode. :)
Enjoy! -Mic