January 1, 2015

New year, new work, and a different style

In PST (Philippine Standard Time), 2015 has said hello. And with 2015's end, I couldn't bear to not write about something new in this blog especially since I want to spread the love from this not so Mic kind of short story I wrote for the holidays. It's called Smile, Smile and it's written in a 'phone' format, meaning, text messages and phone calls. Being the writer who likes making the story flow on conversations mostly, I decided to write exactly something like that. 

In this story, Tine gets greeted Merry Christmas by an unknown person. As she tries to convince the person to reveal his identity, she finds herself telling him about the reason why her smile is a rare thing.

I hope you drop by here to check the story out. It's really short and hopefully, sweet to your tastes, so you'd get to enjoy the warmth I meant to put in this work.

A Happy New Year to you! :)  -Mic