September 28, 2014

Step into the Second Month

(Paper crane making with my friends while letting time pass by)

September has finally come and I am yet to post about more college stuff happenings. It has been a month, I am struggling a bit, but at least I am quite comfortable with the people in a reasonable rate.

I don't expect to warm up to everyone in just one month but people are being nice so far. A good laugh and little anecdotes are what we share with each other so far, and that is okay. I have never been with completely new people for a very long time and so socializing is all new for me.

Meanwhile, I have a feeling that the librarian in the college library knows me well already. The library is one of the places I visit daily, not because I borrow books a lot but because our library is a super duper comfortable place to study. Besides the typical four seater tables, they also have desks that you could have all to yourself. I go to school so much earlier in the morning to study a bit more for topics to be discussed on that day.

The twist of study habits is harsh for me. I used to wing everything from 7 am to 4 pm. Taking quizzes without even studying for any of it and still getting a high mark because after all, the teacher's words have somehow retained in my head and they are enough to survive an assessment. It proved that high school was more objective than college. College was subjectivity in the objects laid to you, provided that your judgments are defined and logical.

Don't get me wrong, I still listen to the professor intently in class. But this time-- professors make us pay attention to more details that we have to remember and critique or analyze even. Being a creative writing major meant attention to details and how they are supposed to be interpreted after all.

Our break time is extended and that meant an extended time of staying in the canteens and hanging out in the library only to stifle our laughs as much as possible. There're also long walks to the food stalls and back, while eating street food.

College has been good to me so far. There are tricky changes and twists in this new kind of life, yes, but it's a journey and that is a given. I hope I do well in this thing and I hope I'll find out how to make it through this journey my style.

Hoping everyone is having an awesome September as well!