December 26, 2013

Anna Dressed in Blood

I decided to spend the first half of Christmas Vacation watching Disney’s Frozen, buying gifts for my parents and reading this horror-gore-romance book called Anna Dressed in Blood. It’s not something that will keep you squealing because of some unbalance between the romance and the action of the story, but it would haunt you with the horror it has to offer.

I found this book about a year ago and even if I was so eager to buy it, budget was always against the odds so when my kris kringle gift came, I literally hugged my partner upon opening the wrapped gift and squealed.

It almost kept me up at night just like how 13RW kept me up when I read it. It’s horror and that genre isn’t really the type you want to be reading during the Christmas season. The images it could let you form in your head will send you to thinking what the book actually contains: a haunted mansion, a girl dressed in a white dress dripping red in blood, and other things that could send you nightmares.

I hate horror stuff (especially movies lol) but I loved this book! The story was able to touch and tackle the things you would ask as the story begins, and it ends with a good cliffhanger.

I think what made me read this book is that it has an odd pairing. Ghost killer and Ghost isn’t really the kind of pairing we usually see. I was curious on how it would turn out that made me read this book.

It doesn’t bring me nightmares, so don’t hesitate to read this book :)