August 30, 2016

A very Potter Q&A

I sometimes wish I have two boy best friends like Harry and Ron. I'll be frst to admit that while I'm not exactly as smart as Hermione, I get teased a lot for working extra hard in school, and trying to follow the rules just because. I'm so happy that I found a strong, witty girl character who didn't have to change who she was to be to have guy friends who appreciate (and need) her. image source
Because I currently have no idea how to properly express my feelings on the whole of the Harry Potter series, I'm going to do something like this instead. An update: I am now considering myself a Potterhead after years and years of living in the dark from the HP series (am sorry. am a late bloomer)
I just finished The Cursed Child script book. I just got a copy of it recently (thanks mum for being so supportive of your little bookworm) and while I told myself to take time reading it, I finished it in almost a week. I'll be posting about it sometime this month. But for now, here's a little something about my Harry Potter adventure. I can't wait to reread the books soon.

What house are you in?
I'm in Ravenclaw!
Everyone's favorite Ravenclaw! Luna Lovegood is definitely the kind of calm I need when I'm in a Hermione-beast mode.
What does Amortentia smell like to you?
Probably something that would remind me of cotton candy and flowers and clouds combined. 
What is your favourite Hogwarts subject?
History of Magic--because I'm a history junkie. But Muggle Studies would probably be an elective I'd take up for the same reason Hermione took it up despite being muggle born. It would be great to look at the mundane life in the point of view of a wizard.  
Who is your favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
Professor McGonagall. Than woman slays.

This picture feels very mom and dad. I loved Dumbledore too, by the way. It's just that Professor McGonagall just reminds me of the very many headstrong, witty and smart women who became my mentors who are now very close friends to me. 
Which of the golden trio is your favourite?
Hermione! Mainly because she's the nerd kind of girl that didn't need to change to show she can also be in charge.
Where would Ron and Harry be if not for this girl? Just like what they always say, "What would Hermione do?" source
What do you want more books on? The Marauders, more on Harry’s time, the next generation or more from the wizarding world (like Fantastic beasts and where to find them).
THE MARAUDERS. I'm craving for more James-Sirius-Lupin-Lily action. I would've made peace with this only if Sirius was given more time with Harry, and Remus was able to take care of Teddy Remus but that's not how it went so I need more of the Marauders. And plus, the books tackled more things abouts them being adults than them being students in Hogwarts.
My favorite Marauder-- and character of the whole series-- is Sirius Black. I love how he when people talked about him, he was this really crazy guy but when it came to Harry, he was sweet and he was the right guy Harry would ever need for a godfather. I just loved this guy from the moment he asked Harry if he wanted to live with him in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Naturally, The Order of the Phoenix really saddened me. I hate how he never got the chance to take care of Harry when he really wanted to because of his best friend. 
Witch (female pronouns), wizard (male pronouns), sorcerer (agender pronouns), or other?
Where do you like to spend free time at Hogwarts?
In the library or somewhere by Hagrid's hut.

Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring at the Hogwarts grounds?
Winter or Autumn.  
Which quidditch position would you play?
The seeker probably. But I won't really play quidditch-- I'm bad at sports.

Pumpkin juice or tea?
If you could only make one potion, what would you make?
Felix Felicis.
If you could only cast one spell, what would you choose?
Expecto Patronum. The characters producing patronuses is probably a favorite thing of mine.  
How long is your wand? *Eyebrow wriggle*
(Okay, you don’t have to answer that one)
HAHAHA. But in all seriousness, it's 12 1/2 inches when I took the quiz in Pottermore lol.
What is your favourite magical creature?
Unicorns of course. Thestrals are a close second. 
What food would you like best at the Hogwarts feasts?
Some cheesy lasagna. 
Would you ever keep a house elf?
Nope. I'm not a fan of having people do work for me. I like being in-charge-- meaning not letting other people do things for me if I want it done my way. If I do get to have one, I'd probably keep him as a friend. 

If you had to make a horcrux, what item would you use?
In one of my books. 
Would you compete in the tri-wizard tournament if you had the chance?
Nope. Not a fan of sporting events. What more a tournament like this, right?

I died a million times when I read and watched Cedric Diggory die. He's one of those characters I wasn't attached to, but I definitely found enough reason to let him live (Spoiler: The Curse Child somehow hits somewhere around his death, btw.) source
Favourite shop in Hogsmeade (Honeydukes)
I think I'm in love with Honeydukes enough.

Favourite shop in Diagon Alley
Ollivanders! I'm the type of person who would like to study wandlore.

What magical career would you like?
I'm probably going to become a professor in Hogwarts. Just like how I want to teach literature in the next few years. 
What is your patronus?
An eagle probably.

I screamed when I found out what Harry's Patronus was. Also was in the verge of tears. source
Cat, rat, toad, owl or sneak in a different animal?
Owl. I'm a fan of owl-mail so yeaaaahhh

Hedwig!! source
Knowing that magical paintings can talk, would you get a painting of yourself?
Umm no...
If you became an animagus, what would you be?
Probably a golden retriever or a chow chow. Dogs are awesome (*high fives Sirius Black*)

Questions are from here. Let's discuss over at the comments section!