July 9, 2016

Out and About: Singapore, The Lion City

Fullerton Hotel. The Merlion right in front of it.
I feel so happy to have crossed out a country to visit from my bucketlist! 

If you're more of a nature traveler, Singapore isn't exactly the place for you. But if you're like me who loves breathtaking views of city lights at night and day, then this country is a must see for you. I've always been love the beauty of concrete jungles. Singapore is just about that. 

Just like what I said, Singapore spells "city" in many different ways. I would say that because the trains are hardly empty, and everywhere you look, there will always be buildings and cars and taxis everywhere. 

Singapore Flyer from the SG @ 50 bridge
The same Les Mis company I saw in the Manila was currently holding shows at the Esplanade Theaters.
But the beauty of this place doesn't stop there. It's so organized despite the buzz of the unending busy times. Their train station is basically the only transportation you would be needing to navigate around the place. We only had to buy a tourist pass MRT card (SGD 20 for a 3 day pass) to be able to avail unlimited rides in the MRT (I'm not sure if the bus counts)-- I can go on about how convenient and "worth it."

Our hotel was conveniently located right above the train station so it was really a breeze to get to places-- and good food. Great restaurants (that are not fast food oh my goodness yes) and take out food booths are always within a few moments from MRT stations. I'm actually pleased at how we didn't end up eating fast food and instead stuffed ourselves perpetually with good chinese food--noodles, noodles, and just lovely noodles.

A popular place everyone seems to rave a lot about Singapore is the Universal Studios Singapore located at Resorts World Sentosa. Being the themed park enthusiast that I am, of course, I didn't miss the chance to see it. With that, we rode the cable car that ran from VivoCity Mall to Sentosa Island just for the experience. (If heights are something that make you feel queasy, there's always a monorail option.)

Here are Universal Studios Singapore photos that I took:

I could go on and on and talk about how amazing my trip in this country is in so many different ways. I'm just hoping I get to visit this place again soon.

If this country isn't enough eye candy, I don't know what else is.