May 10, 2016

Children's Books!

I went on a children's book shopping! 

I feel proud of myself for finally choosing children's books based on the content and not on its graphics. I chose Sabado ng Umaga sa Hardin (Saturday Morning in the Garden) based on its story of a girl loosing her mother to cancer. I just found it really refreshing to see a child participate in her mother's journey in cancer.

Papa's House, Mama's House, which I decided to buy mainly because my professor asked us to review the story, is my favorite of the three books I bought. As you may have known if you've been following me for quite a while, I love great illustrations on books that the saying Don't judge a book by its cover sounds strange to me. When my prof showed us the cover of this book, I wanted to buy the physical copy right away. The illustrations on the book are by Mark Salvatus, an artist I have heard already in a talk/walkthrough of his exhibit in the Vargas Museum last semester.

Meanwhile, Salu-salo (A Gathering) is an interesting take because of how the story of Philippine Revolution was told from a child's point of view. Although to be honest, I felt like this kind of lacked some elements to make a children like it. Its show don't tell way of teaching the ways of the Katipunan was properly held despite, in my opinion, its lack of proper child-engaging elements (is there such thing even?)

I'm bound to write a children's short story for my writing class that's why I'm looking and researching at these forms of literature. I've always been excited to write these kinds of stories and now that I finally have the chance, I'm making sure I can do well with it, and so far, I'm enjoying the process.

What was your favorite Children's Story when you were young?