January 31, 2016

all the things I didn't say about january

Me, beaming outside the Church in the Pink Sisters Convent in Tagaytay City
All the things I didn't say about in January. In photos!

I had a photo shoot with two of my loveliest friend since elementary school. While kat has been shooting with me since we were in high school, it was just Michelle's first time to become my muse.

These are pictures of what you can see from the viewing deck in Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay. Coming over in January is a nice way to escape the humid and polluted Manila. The breathtaking views of the Taal Volcano, the superb meals and delicacies, and the cool weather are just some of the reasons to enjoy a day-trip in this place. 

Before I enrolled for my last semester as a Creative Writing major, I joined my sister and her friends in a mini food trip around Maginhawa street. It has been a long time since my last Maginhawa food trip, and it was my first time at a game board cafe. We ate a sumptuous lunch at The Wicked Kitchen and played at Snacks and Ladders which was just across TWK. I was technically out of place because these kids were a year younger than me but I had loads of fun with them, thanks to their never ending funny antics. 

This is actually the view from the HUGE window at the back of our classroom for an essay class

Also, I started my last semester (hopefully) as a creative writing Major in a certificate course. I'm looking forward to writing and learning some more. The last semester was hard especially since I wasn't in the mood to write at all during that time. I felt like I was forcing myself to make ideas and put them on paper . And while I took up a bunch of writing classes last semester, it is only now that I feel like writing a LOT. And I'm glad I decided to take up most of my required writing classes for this semester. I'm just excited to write, read and graduate so I can move on to a better course. :)

See you in February! -Mic <3 comment-3--="">