November 7, 2016

18 things over 19

Reminders, notes and messages to the nineteen year-old Micaela from the eighteen year-old Micaela. And to you, who may need these.

Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas. April 2016. 
  1. Some people won't stay. They wouldn't even know they're leaving. Let those people go. 
  2. There are more people who are willing to stay-- treasure them. 
  3. Exercise. You badly need that because you wouldn't want to sacrifice a lot of opportunities because you're unhealthy. 
  4. Eat more healthy food. That comes with item no. 3. It wouldn't just let you lose some weight. I heard it makes you feel better about yourself too. Why wouldn't you want that?
  5. Be more thrifty. You want to see the Wicked the Musical you missed a couple of years ago, right? Sacrifice a few cups of french fries. While you're keeping yourself healthy, maybe you can pay for a lower box ticket. 
  6. Budget. Track your expenses. Buy only what you really need. 
  7. Detach from social media bit by bit. I'm not saying you should work to let it go but there's so much more to life than being in front of a screen. See more theatrical shows. Watch more movies. Read more books. Write even more. Go for a run. Ride your bike again. There's so much time to use on these mini adventures.
  8. Don't wait for next time if you're sure you want to accomplish something. It wouldn't get accomplished if you wait. 
  9. Writing-- he's your first love. Prove that your first love never dies. Write outside of class. Keep yourself inspired. 
  10. When people tell you you're too studious, never mind them. When they tell you to loosen up on your studies, tell them, "Why should I?" You like and enjoy what you're learning. This is how you get to learn. You're doing great. 
  11. If love decides to come around, take the risk of breaking your heart-- give it your all and don't be the tad too careful of a girl you were taught to be. You won't know if he's love if you keep distance. Remember, a closer look gives details. 
  12. If love still doesn't come around, don't be sad. He'll get around one day. Enjoy yourself a little bit more. When he comes around, you'll be a bit more ready.
  13. Don't be too hard on yourself. You can't carry the weight of the world all the time. You're only one person and you can only do so much.
  14. But always remember that your input is valid-- and that so much is important. 
  15. Putting on makeup makes you feel great now, does it? It's okay to feel comfortable with it. It's okay to feel comfortable without it. The important thing is that you always move towards making yourself feel great. 
  16. Your birthday celebration last year was the grandest celebration you got, wasn't it? I know you're still thinking if that was really the best way to celebrate your entrance to legality but hey, always remember that it's not everyday you get something that grand. That was what you wanted then. If it's not what you like now, then remember this: it's okay to choose yourself when you know you need it. And you know you need it once in a while
  17. This yearly tradition of writing things down in a numbered list is funny, isn't it? The paragraphs get shorter and it might be frustrating to feel like you need to do this every year on your birthday but trust me, it's great to look back at these stuff even if the length get compromised. 
  18. You're a year older now. Somewhere between being a teen and being twenty-something. You know yourself a little more now. Do great, okay? Good luck. 
From a year ago,